The local river basin administration in Guangdong announced on June 15 that all six gates of the Fengshuba Reservoir in the province were fully open to release floodwaters. 

Continuous torrential rain caused the water level of tributaries in the Dongjiang River Basin to rise quickly.

The accumulated rainfall at the Fengshuba reservoir area in the upper reaches of the Dongjiang River reached 234 mm from June 6 to 12. As a result, the water level of the Reservoir continued to rise, exceeding the flood limit at 5 pm on June 12. As a result, local authorities opened the floodgates at 6 pm on the same day, with the total outflow up to 500 m3/s.

With the gradual opening of the floodgates, the total outflow was recorded at 2,000 m3/s at 8 am on June 14. 

Six hours later, six floodgates were fully opened to restore the natural state of the river channel for flood discharge.

By contrast, the largest Reservoir in the province—Xinfengjiang—is responsible for storing water for future needs. 

Although the water level in the Xinfengjiang area also rose significantly from June 6 to 14 with over 357 mm, it was shut down for water conservation for the whole period.

As of 8 am on June 15, the water level of the Reservoir reached 103.85 m.

Its adjustable water volume was over 2.6 billion m3, which was 804% more than that in the same period last year.

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