According to the Guangdong Meteorological Observatory, the “Siampa” landed in Guangdong’s Maoming Dianbai at around 15:00 on July 2 with typhoon-level intensity, with maximum winds of 12 near the center at landfall. It’s the first typhoon to land in China in 2022.

A video shows how the storm’s gusts were so powerful that they caused building windows to be blown to the ground. A pedestrian on the street was also nearly hit in the head by shards of broken glass.

All in all, the Siamba helped alleviate the high temperatures in Guangdong. 

The construction equipment washed away, officials deny any engineering accident

 On June 29, a viral video showed a large amount of stagnant water gushing out of the Peacock Mountain Tunnel. The water flushed out some construction frames. The construction equipment also was washed away. There were no construction workers in the area where the water flowed. 

Netizens posted the video and said that a dark river was opened during construction at the Peacock Mountain Tunnel in Deqin County, Yunnan province.

However, on June 30, local officials said that the content of the online transmission was untrue. It was normal construction and drainage, not an engineering accident. 

Many netizens have questioned this. User Jam twitted, “I don’t understand; why should the normal construction drainage rush out of the construction equipment in the tunnel, and it can’t be done by itself?”; user @wanlichuanyan asked, “Does this need to be concealed?”. 

Another also explained a possible reason, “This saves on cleaning costs and helps regroup equipment at the door for maintenance and rotation work.”

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