Applo News reporteds that the Chinese pandemic situation is still escalating. Recently, more than 35,000 additional cases were reported in China. Leliu Town, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong Province citizens said that “their health codes” turned red overnignt. Numerous people rushed to get their nucleic acid levels checked, leading to violent pushing and shoving and reports of stampedes.

The growing pandemic situation in China has revealed how flimsy the 20 articles that the regime previously released to decrease the number of cases. 

A YouTuber, called “Misty rain,” uploaded a video named “Foshan Optimizing.”

The video depicts a chaotic scene where it was raining and people were stumbling around in groups while holding umbrellas, pushing and shoving and there was a stampede. 

According to the video, the youngest victim was a 3-year-old child whose feet were trampled. Many people were trampled.

As a personal electronic passport, the health code is a location-tracking tool employed by the Chinese communist regime to stop the spread of the virus. Red, yellow, and green codes are used to categorize a person’s status. The red code denotes a high risk of infection and requires that you immediately report to local authorities for testing. 

According to officials, a system malfunction occurred.

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