Guangdong saw a resurgence of Covid 19. Many places were closed, and the number of infections was still increasing. Some residents protested the lockdown policy and sang, “China is at its most dangerous moment.”

The latest number of infections in Guangdong

The Guangdong Health Commission issued a notice on the COVID-19 epidemic situation in this area on June 28. The statement said that from 0:00 to 24 hours on June 27, Shenzhen recorded one new case, and four cases of infection were asymptomatic. 

In the province, there are eight newly discharged cases. Ninety-one cases are being treated at hospitals; 16 newly discharged asymptomatic infections are still receiving treatment. There are 187 cases of asymptomatic disease.

At midnight on June 27, the province had recorded 15,921 positive cases, including 7,436 confirmed cases and 8,485 asymptomatic cases.

Parts of Shenzhen closed or adjusted City’s opening hours

Vision Times reported that the worst-affected area in Shenzhen is the Futian district. As a result, Futian officials decided to close the area for three consecutive days starting at 0:00 on June 25 and strengthen control. Futian maintains an active entrance 24 hours a day, and people passing through the will have to check their nucleic acid test certificate within 24 hours. In addition, local authorities halted all operations, closed parks, and barred outsiders from visiting unless necessary.

Two key areas designated for closure are Building 161-165 and Building 181-182 in Futian Street, Dongsanfang, Gangxia Village. In addition, on June 25, Buildings 26, 28, 38, and 39 in East Lane 2 of Gangxia Village, Putian Subdistrict, are also closed.

Another area of Shenzhen where the epidemic situation is similar to Futian is the Luohu district.

The New Coronavirus Pneumonia Disease Control and Prevention Headquarters Office in Luohu District, Shenzhen, issued a notice on June 25.

The notice said that from 6 pm on June 25, Luohu district Nanhu sub-district will adjust the closure and control of related areas and the scope of the control area as follows:

(1) Buildings 42, 18-19, 20, 41, 43, 47, and 48 in Nanhu street, east ​​Xiangxi village, were adjusted from the closed control area to a controlled area. As a result, authorities will administer the area under a fixed framework, suspending business activities and testing nucleic acids three times a day.

(2) Buildings 4 to 60 in the east area of Nanhu Street (except closed area), ​​Xiangxi Village, Xiangxi Comprehensive Building, Tangziwei, Xiangqun Building, Xiangfu Building, Xianggui Building, Building Xiangrong House, Xianghua Building, Xiangxi Building, and the building of Xiangxi Joint Stock Company were adjusted from a control area to a prevention area. As a result, authorities will strengthen social control and limit mass gatherings. The control station operates 24/7. In addition, people need to have a negative nucleic acid test paper within 24 hours.

Huaqiangbei, dubbed “China’s First Electronic Town,” was also forced to suspend business for three days. Around Huaqiang Electronic World, a control and sealing isolation board was erected to prohibit people from entering and leaving. One person said the closure just happened at the weekend, people can’t do business, the epidemic in Shenzhen repeats itself, more and more bosses go bankrupt, and employees lose their jobs.

Vision Times said, to promote the screening of positive people, Shenzhen has set up a total of 3,233 nucleic acid sampling points.

However, the tightening of control and the area closure has made people unhappy. So they gathered and together expressed their objections.

The Zaiye Shuo YouTube channel posted a video summarizing the epidemic situation in Shenzhen, including a video depicting a large number of people gathering and singing, “China is at the most dangerous time. ” and “Wake up! Wake up!” They use various instruments to make loud noises and sing together. The children also joined in singing along.  (video 1:50)

In another video, a resident said: “I don’t dare go home now! The road is blocked again, can’t get in!”

Some residents also tried to escape from the quarantine area.

A man is trying to push his body through the gap in the iron fence, but it seems unsuccessful.

Several careful observers then climbed over the fence. (video 4:08)

In another (0:01) video, the man says he only gets leeks and eggs from a local government subsidy.

Vision Times also compiled some comments from netizens on the above issue:

  • “Epidemic prevention has changed from protecting human life and property to a tool to control human actions and profit;
  • This is not epidemic prevention. It is a political movement;
  • The best farce in human history;
  • The second part of management with the characteristics of the Chinese government: the deposit, not yours, cannot be withdrawn once it is deposited in the bank. Yourself, not yours, cannot get out when you enter the community;
  • China is a magical country! People are not allowed to go out, but thousands are allowed to make nucleic acids;
  • Steal the daily life of the country. The normal state of democracy in the whole process! Magical world;
  • Shanghai is half dead, now it’s Shenzhen. Shenzhen exhausted, heading to Beijing. Every day is vibrant. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen are still one;
  • Now the whole world is watching China’s performance every day, putting on a show, and changing Shanghai to Shenzhen after going crazy. The mighty country is really different. I admire that.”

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