Under the “zero-COVID” policy, China residents need to carry proof of  negative COVID tests as well as green health codes to go into public places. 

According to Chinese media Xiwang Zhisheng, recently, residents of Shibailihe Street Community, Guancheng District, Zhengzhou, had to fill out a “going out registration form” to leave the community.

Notably, residents realized that the form included information unrelated to the pandemic, such as political affiliation, occupation, reason for leaving (including destination), and whether they will return to the community. There is also a line which reads “you will not be allowed to leave if you don’t fill out the form.”

The incident caused public outrage on social media.

Some netizens even asked if this was a matter of entering and leaving the community or entering and leaving prison.

People wanted to know  why they had to give their political affiliation. And perhaps in the future they will have to give the political affiliation of past generations.

A person surnamed Liu, who is in charge of the Lanwan Community of Shibailihe Office, said in an interview that the sub-district office is collecting the information.

The person in charge refused to say whether the community was banned from leaving without completing the form, as reported by online users.

COVID staff from Shibailihe Sub-district Office stated that they were unaware of the registration form. They added that the community designed the form.

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