On Sept.18, a video about school violence in Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, was shared on Weibo, attracting the attention of netizens. However, the local police administration process makes people worry that the incident will not be solved thoroughly.

The video has been obscured and shows a girl getting slapped in the face by other girls. The sound of the very hard smacks can be heard. The victim then burst into tears and begged the gloating  girls to stop.

This video garnered everyone’s attention. Most netizens hope that the relevant departments will stop this kind of bullying behavior, arguing that “campus bullying has an indelible impact on both men and women!”

Regarding this bullying incident, the Public Security Bureau of Daozhen County, Zunyi City, issued a notice on September 18 saying that they had arrested all six persons involved in the case. Also they requested that people don’t share videos and photos and discuss the news related to this incident.

At the same time, a notice sent by the Daozhen County Public Security Bureau to the internal community of the police was leaked on the Internet. The notice asked police staff to censor case information on social platforms. If it is not possible to delete it, the staff needs to contact superiors for handling the incidents.

Da JiYuan quoted a netizen as being dissatisfied, saying this type of incident is occurring all over the country. People can only try to protect themselves. Speaking out on the internet can’t help them. Now the local public security has deleted posts at lightning speed.

Besides, some netizens proved to be opposed to the police attempts to prevent spreading the news. One asked: “Guizhou Public Security and Daozhen Public Security, how many mouths can you cover?”

Currently, school violence is a hard problem to solve in China. There are still a lot of videos and photos shared on Weibo showing students using violence on campus, causing people to be concerned.

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