The 2nd sandstorm in China this month, almost 330 feet of sand wall swept over Inner Mongolia

On Tuesday, a sandstorm occurred in the Ganqimaodu port area of Bayannaoer City, Inner Mongolia.

The video shows a huge sand wall about 330 feet high rolled in. It is “approaching” step by step. Ten minutes later, the port area was shrouded in sand and dust.

According to the Paper, the dusty weather has adversely affected the customs clearance of inbound vehicles and the prevention and control of the epidemic.

This is the second sandstorm in China this month. Before that, there was a sandstorm on June 20 in Qinghai province. 

Sichuan: almost 150 kids show symptoms of adenovirus after swimming in a pool 

According to Chinese media reports, Mr. Wang, a parent in Leshan, Sichuan, China, said that his child was sick after going to the “Xingyuedong Swimming Pool”. The child had a fever and cough for several days. After a medical examination, he found a viral infection. He found that more than 140 children had symptoms the same as his child after talking with other parents. Many of them tested positive for adenovirus.

Wang said his child had a fever reaching a high of almost 40°C (or almost 104 °F). Taking the analgesic and an anti-inflammatory drug called “Ibuprofen” can only reduce the fever for a short time.

The staff of the swimming pool said that the pool involved was ordered to shut down.

According to, adenoviruses are mainly spread through person-to-person contact, respiratory droplets, and through contact with contaminated surfaces. These infections are more common in children under five years old.

Sichuan: shoot 2 people injured, the suspect could be a police officer

On Tuesday afternoon, a conflict occurred that caused two people to be injured and 3 dead in Muchuan County, Sichuan Province.

According to Sina, the alleged suspect injured 2 people with a gun, and 3 died from another weapon. The local public security reported that the suspect is Li, 36-year-old. He has already escaped, and there is no further information on the suspect.

However, it is reported on the Internet that the suspect Li Qiang is a policeman from the Muxi Town Police Station. Later that day, the Paper reported that a person close to the Muchuan County government confirmed that the two injured were being rescued, and the police officer Li fled with a gun.

On Wednesday morning, the Muchuan County Public Security Bureau issued a warrant for the suspect with a reward of  almost 15,000 dollars.

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