On December 10, the German newspaper Tages Spiegel reported on the global influence of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry and the situation in the Taiwan Strait. According to the article, Taiwan is the most important place on the planet, if Taiwan’s chip supply is lost, global development will be stalled, so it is very important to protect Taiwan from the CCP’s invasion.

As reported by Liberty Times, Cornelius Dieckmann, a reporter for Spiegel, introduced the contents of the report on his personal Twitter.

Dieckmann said that what many people still do not understand is that the world’s prosperity will depend on Taiwan’s security. The democratic world must consider how to fully defend Taiwan. TSMC produces more than 90% of the world’s chips. When there was a chip shortage in 2021, the German Minister of Economy and Energy Peter Altmaier also personally sent a letter to the Taiwanese government, offering to help solve the chip supply problem.

Dieckmann added that to understand the importance of Taiwanese chips, he also wrote to ask Chris Miller, a semiconductor expert at Tufts University in the U.S. and author of the book “The Chip War,” this expert said only one sentence: “The prosperity of the global economy depends on the security of Taiwan.”

Dieckmann said that China also needs Taiwan’s chips in fact, semiconductor analyst JP KLeinhans said invading Taiwan was an act of an economic suicide squad, but semiconductors cannot be captured by violence.

He emphasized, “We need to pay more attention to Taiwan, democratic countries whether it is for self-interest or spontaneous solidarity, should think of measures to protect Taiwan.”

He also suggested that democratic countries around the world should also reduce their economic dependence on China, especially Germany. Once the CCP invades Taiwan, it will be the biggest threat to Germany’s economic prosperity since World War II.

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