Germany has identified at least two dubious Chinese police stations on its territory. 

According to Politico, Berlin stated, “Two so-called ‘overseas police stations’ exist in Germany to the knowledge of the German government.” It added that it is in contact with Beijing about the matter.

The statement said that private people from the Chinese diasporas ran the stations. Five area managers offered legal services to Chinese and Germans of Chinese origin, including documentation. Germany believes that the offices were set up temporarily and appeared more personal in nature.

It said one of the stations is in Berlin. In the latest report, Safeguard Defenders detected one such facility in Frankfurt. Regardless of the numbers, the Spanish human rights group warned that offering diplomatic services is a cover and that their other, less outward role, is to target dissidents overseas.

German lawmaker Joana Cotar calls for the proxy stations to be dissolved immediately. She added that only talking with China about their existence is a bad joke.

Germany is home to many famous Chinese dissidents in exile. As The Local noted, they include Liao Yiwu , a writer imprisoned in China for his criticisms, and Liu Xia , the wife of Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo .

As Euro News reported, the Czech authorities have contacted China about the two Chinese police stations in the country and have received assurance that the offices have been closed.

Safeguard Defenders believes that there are at least 36 active Chinese “police stations” in European countries. The most significant cluster is in Italy, which allegedly has up to 11 offices. The country is also one of the Western nations with the greatest Chinese population, numbering over 330,000.

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