A few days ago, a man surnamed Zhao in Hangzhou recently tidied up his home. However, he accidentally discarded his wife’s jewelry worth about $14,000 (100,000 yuan) into the garbage pile. 

According to the Chinese media news outlet The Paper, the incident happened on October 8. After mistakenly throwing away his wife’s jewelry box, he quickly went to the trash can downstairs to look for it, only to learn that the garbage had already been transported.

The man then asked the Binjiang District Urban Management Bureau for help. Authorities then finally contacted the driver of the garbage truck.

Several garbage collectors then had to search a garbage pile weighing up to 8 tons for his lost item in the evening. The work was temporarily suspended due to darkness.

At about 11:00 a.m. the next day, they finally found the box containing the diamond ring. 

Many netizens then condemned Zhao’s action, saying he should respect other people’s work. 

Jiangsu: bus driver parks the vehicle directly below the struggling man

A few days ago, a worker in Huai’an, Jiangsu Province, accidentally fell while working. A safety rope connected to the overpass prevented him from falling directly into the street.

According to state-run media Xinhua News Agency, the worker hung in the air after the safety lock suddenly broke.

A female bus driver witnessed the situation. Thinking quickly, she parked the bus directly below the man. Finally, the worker could stand on the roof safely. 

Gorillas vent their anger after being provoked by Chinese tourists

A gorilla at the Nanning Zoo in Guangxi became angry after visitors provoked and mimicked its roaring.

Therefore, the gorilla grabbed the grass on the ground and threw it directly at the visitors.

The visitors were unaware of their actions.

The zoo staff told the local news media that the behavior of the gorillas was not normal. He thought it was because of the provocation of visitors. He also urged visitors to abide by the rules and not anger the animals in the park.

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