With rising COVID cases, authorities in the city of Shenzhen—China’s manufacturing and technology hub— have recently decided to impose a lockdown on at least seven of 10 districts in Shenzhen. 

As Bloomberg reported on September 2, residents are required to stay at home in Futian and Luohu districts where cases have been found. 

On Sept. 9, residents of Futian, Shenzhen, expecting the lockdown to be lifted, learned that the authorities continued to block and control the area.

According to the new announcement, communities such as Futian, Fuhua, and Funan were closed for an additional two days. With the Mid Autumn Festival approaching—a significant family celebration in China—residents who intended to go out to enjoy the festival were very angry as a result.

The video uploaded on the internet, also shown by Chinese media, shows people in Futian demonstrating in the streets on the evening of September 9, urging the authorities to lift the lockdown. 
As seen in the video, a large number of armed and special police appeared to evict and arrest protesters. Physical conflicts then broke out. Some of the residents were taken away.

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