Recently, the pandemic has broken out in various parts of China, and the death toll has risen sharply. The number of patients who passed away has been increasing.

Funeral homes in Guangzhou were full, and people were selling places in the queue.

Someone in a funeral home in Guangzhou was found to be selling turns to make money on December 24. It caused outrage among the people who had been waiting for a long time, and clashes broke out.

Chinese media outlet Da Ji Yuan interviewed a funeral home worker in Conghua District, Guangzhou, on December 22. He said there was no place available or freezer and the average waiting time was three days.

Li, a citizen of Guangzhou, said the pandemic is severe. He had to wait for three days to cremate his mother.

There are seven cremation furnaces in Conghua District. However, they can’t keep up with the demand. Every day, he said, there were too many cases left.

Another worker at a funeral home in Zengcheng District told Chinese-language media outlet Da Ji Yuan that they pick up many bodies daily. All of their cars were used for the task. He doubts they can keep up with the schedule.

Meanwhile, another employee in a funeral home in Huadu District, Guangzhou, told Chinese language media Xin Tang Ren that they couldn’t take any more cases. This funeral home is short of furnaces to burn and cars to pick up bodies. 

Chongqing has also been affected. A funeral home worker revealed that the freezers are always full and there are a lot of cremations.

According to Da Ji Yuan, the government’s false data misleads decision-making, causing harm to the country and its residents.

Guangzhou authorities reported the official numbers of the COVID pandemic. As of December 2, there were 162,700 infected people, 4 severe and critical illness cases, and 0 deaths. 

However, the official WeChat account of the Guangzhou Funeral Service Center released a message on December 24, saying that they had a relatively large business volume recently. The funeral business will be postponed until January 10, 2023.

The official information sparked discussions among local residents and heated up social media. In particular, due to the announcement of the Funeral Service Center and the number of reported deaths. 

Some netizens share their opinions. 

The Netease account “Lao Guo Broadcasting” said who would believe that only 400 critically ill patients were reported to be hospitalized. 

Another netizen shares his opinion on the Weibo account. He said this kind of data is “false at a glance” for sober-minded professionals who are not swayed by their positions.

Guo, a Guangzhou resident, said that many of the people he knew were positive on December 23. However, they did not dare go to the hospital. He said everyone was afraid of the infection.Chinese language media Da Ji Yuan cited a mainland financial blogger with millions of fans. He said publishing false data misled decision-making would devastate the country and the people.

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