Chinese censorship deleted a live interview at a railway station in Shanghai after its brief appearance on Weibo on May 17. The reason authorities target it lies in how the interviewee answers the reporters more than ordinary questions.

As Shanghai begins to loosen its pandemic control measures, people are also looking to depart the city. A reporter for Chinese media, The Paper, went to Shanghai railway station and approached a long line of passengers waiting at the gate.

The reporter asked a young lady how to buy train tickets. First, the person started talking about a type of software; then, she abruptly asked the reporter if it was OK to say. The reporter was surprised but assured that they were reporting the actual situation.

The interviewee proceeded to say that there is a software called XX Airline Tickets where people can hunt tickets. As she mentioned finding a scalper, she stopped again and asked if the information was safe to say. The reporter said news means everything has to be reported, as long as it is a real thing.

The video was initially uploaded on Weibo by the account @Tillo. According to Sydney Today, it attracted 21,000 shares, 18,000 likes, and more than 200 comments. Unfortunately, the comments were hidden, but the numbers can be seen from the forwarding list.

Account @Yu left a message below the Weibo post. He claimed to be the reporter in the video. He said he hopes people can watch the whole footage. During live broadcasting, interviewees want to self-censor. However, the journalism code says he could tell them that news can be reported as long as it is an actual event.

On the afternoon of May 18, the Weibo uploader of the video showed “no viewing permission is currently available.” As a result, related content has not been found in Weibo searches using associated keywords.

But some screenshots managed to remain, including the video and some comments.

A user sarcastically said the video of just a few tens of seconds shows contemporary young people’s two most proficient skills. That is playing memes and self-censorship.

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