According to the United Daily News, with the resurgence of the epidemic in Shanghai, two neighborhood committees issued a proposal for supplies reserve on July 11. They suggest residents prepare enough food and medical supplies at home for about 14 days.

Consequently, the public panicked, worrying that Shanghai would be closed again.

After more than two months of strict lockdown, Shanghai announced on June 25 that it had won the Great Shanghai Defense War. However, the number of newly infected cases in the financial hub has been rising recently.

Shanghai Municipal Health Commission notified on July 12 that the city added five new local confirmed cases and 54 asymptomatic infections on July 11. Among asymptomatic cases, Putuo District and Hongkou District record 4 and 7, respectively.

These districts’ two neighborhood committees have proposed that residents prepare 14-day food and medical reserves.

In response, the staff of the Xinhu Pearl City Neighborhood Committee of Putuo District confirms that this proposal is accurate. The rationale behind this proposal is that the epidemic is spreading, and local authorities often impose controls and lockdowns in the communities. Besides, they aim to raise public awareness of anti-epidemic measures.

Another staff from the Guangling Neighborhood Committee of Hongkou District echoes that the initiative is mainly to remind citizens to be prepared. The building in the district has to be closed now due to close contact. If the lockdown is urgent, there will be no time to buy things, which will cause chaos. It is just a friendly reminder for everyone.

Nevertheless, many believe that the release of the proposal mentioned above has caused panic and worry among the public to some extent.

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