Recently, the outbreak at Foxconn Zhengzhou has caused serious cross-contamination among employees in the factory and dormitory areas. On October 26, official news refuted the rumor on Weibo that 20,000 people were quarantined. Netizens posted articles revealing that Foxconn’s management is in turmoil and employees are scrambling for food due to supply shortages, with an employee dying in the dormitory.

According to NetEase, on October 26, Foxconn in Zhengzhou released a statement saying that they had “about 20,000 confirmed cases in Foxconn Zhengzhou” was serious misinformation. Currently, production activities are relatively stable, and they are doing a good job of protecting workers’ safety.

According to information from netizens, authorities directly used many unfinished buildings in Zhengzhou as quarantine areas for the employees.

Due to the serious pandemic situation at Foxconn, the rate of employees going to work decreased significantly, affecting production activities. And under pressure from Apple, Foxconn wanted to increase productivity, but led to management turmoil.

Many employees were cross-infected, but the factory could not take care of them.

Even Evergrande’s unfinished building, which was originally for quarantine, was full.

Many employees have been pulled into quarantine.

Netizens filmed a video revealing that Foxconn Zhengzhou’s food supplies were severely low, and employees were scrambling for food.

Another video shows Foxconn Zhengzhou’s dormitory filled with garbage and very filthy. In such an environment, cross-contamination is inevitable.

A video is said to be of an employee who died in a Foxconn dormitory and was carried away.

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