Recently, there was information on the Internet that a COVID outbreak broke out at the Foxconn factory owned by Taiwan Hon Hai Technology Group at Zhongmou District Park in Zhengzhou city, Henan province, China. Jiaozuo also almost closed the town and schools. However, the locals knew nothing about the pandemic. Some analysts point out that officials lockdown cities and schools and hide the pandemic. They don’t do it for the sake of the people but to protect themselves.

A video posted by the Twitter account Yindi 388 on October 27 showed that many people quarantined in Zhengzhou rushed out of the quarantine area to grab food. The photo shows several buses parked nearby, and Dabai (pandemic prevention officers) quickly ran away after bringing the supplies.

Another Foxconn employee, whose Twitter account is Right way, posted a video saying that she had been PCR tested, and the result was positive. She is now isolated in a dormitory. Her roommate had a fever, but no one answered the phone when she called. On the first day, they received only two loaves of bread. She described herself as trapped, like a social outcast, and neither the authorities nor the Foxconn factory offered any explanation.

Zheng, a resident of Zhongmu district, Zhengzhou city, told Sound of Hope on October 28 that the local pandemic is severe. “The pandemic exists, and it’s very serious. Our community doesn’t allow anyone in or out. The Foxconn outbreak is still serious.”

According to Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, during the implementation of new regulations on pandemic prevention, Foxconn employees who continue to work every day will be rewarded with an additional almost $7 (50 yuan).

According to The New York Times, about a third of last year’s $192 billion iPhone sales by Foxconn, Apple’s leading iPhone assembly partner, was generated between October and December alone.

The COVID outbreak may affect production. Foxconn said on October 27 that “a small number of employees” had been quarantined but declined to provide details about the outbreak.

Jiang, a citizen of Jiaozhou city, told Sound Of Hope that people from pandemic areas and those passing through Zhengzhou city are not allowed to enter the city. Jiaozhou city was also locked down. “Supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants on Jiaozhou streets have been closed. People can only order takeaway food. So basically the streets are empty, but we don’t know if there’s a pandemic or not.”

An employee of the Henan University of Technology in Jiaozhou city told Sound Of Hope that the university is currently under control. “No one is allowed in and out; many faculty and staff of our school are not allowed to enter the school due to the pandemic, at most only medical staff.” Former associate professor, Li Yuanhua at the Capital Normal University in Beijing told Sound Of Hope: “Before the CCP’s 20th National Congress, the excessive lockdown is to restrict the people. Now, two sessions will be held next year … The CCP’s starting point is not for the common people. The people … don’t care if the pandemic prevention policies affect the economy or people’s lives. They are just afraid that their power will be affected. That’s the logic.”

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