1. Discharge from upstream submerges Foshan in floodwater

Guangdong has experienced heavy rainfall that caused floods in many places this summer. On June 25, the low-lying portions of Foshan city were submerged in flood waters due to the discharge of flood waters upstream. (video)

2. New car has blackscreen when bought, owner fights for rights

On June 25, a woman who purchased a new “SUV Zero-running C11” car had to fight for her rights at the opening of the 2022 Chongqing Auto Show. The staff pulled up two layers of canvas to prevent the public witnessing her angry remonstrations. She said the dashboard of the zero-running C11 was blackened on the day she received it on May 27. However, after many negotiations with dealers and manufacturers ended in vain over the past month she went to the Auto Show to complain. (video)

3. Older man whose feet are rotten lay in front of hospital waiting to die: Resident says ‘only in China’

A video on the internet shows an old man sleeping in front of the door at a hospital in China. However, medical staff pay him no attention. The man filming said the old man’s leg was rotten. How can he continue to live like this? This situation could only happen in China.

4. Everywhere is dangerous; family of 4 cling outside window waiting for help

 On June 25, a fire occurred in Zhegujiang 鹧鸪江New village, Liuzhou. A family of four, despite the danger, climbed out of the apartment and clung to the high window waiting to be rescued. The scene made onlookers nervous. (video)

5. Henan depositors fight to withdraw money as temperature sizzles1,317 people who were customers of four village and town banks in Henan rushed to the bank to withdraw their money in person. They were forced to try this method due to the suspension of these banks’ online banking and mobile banking services. As soon as they arrived in Henan, they scanned the code as required. Unfortunately, the health code immediately turned red, and then they were required to be quarantined in the local area. On June 25, they gathered to ask Hanam bank to pay back their deposits. They lined up from 5a.m. to 5p.m., in hot weather with temperatures up to 100°F.

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