According to Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan,  on Jan. 24, 2022, former NATO Supreme Commander James Stavridis told the French daily “Sunday” that if China attacks Taiwan, the US will retaliate with economic sanctions and help Taiwan with the weaponry and equipment it needs to defend itself. He also urged the West to band together to end Chinese and Russian dictatorship.

Suppose China crosses the red line and invades Taiwan. In that case, he believes that the “US will respond with economic sanctions and provide the Taiwan government with necessary self-defense resources, such as ballistic defense systems or cyber control resources. In addition, it will also provide intelligence and close joint military training assistance.”

He told Le Journal du Dimanche in an exclusive interview published on Jan. 22 that Beijing considers Taiwan as a China province and the epicenter of geopolitics. 

Furthermore, the South China Sea is rich in natural resources, and 40 percent of the world’s shipping passes through it. Although China claims ownership of the South China Sea, practically all other governments in the world disagree.

James has long been concerned about the Taiwan Strait issue. He analyzed that a two-sided strategy should be adopted against China in trying to find common ground before the relationship deteriorates to the point of no retreat. 

When asked if US and China would go to war over Taiwan, James stated that China’s red line is Taiwan’s official declaration of independence, which he believes will not happen.

However, James cautioned that the situation in the Taiwan Strait is not encouraging. Tensions have been raised due to Beijing’s crackdown on Hong Kong.

In the Quad security dialogue involving US, Australia, India, and Japan, the Sunday tabloid wondered if US had forgotten about its European friends. “What we want is a united front of democracies against non-observance of human rights, the development of a dangerous military, and a claim to China that is not its territory,” James responded.

James compared Russia’s treatment of Ukraine to China’s treatment of Taiwan regarding the present Ukrainian situation, claiming that both Russia and China regard Ukraine and Taiwan as “renegade colonies.” This is because every authoritarian regime aims to govern its area by force, and Moscow and Beijing regard opposition from Western countries as a red line.

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