Former UN Ambassador Nikkei Halley has signed a letter by the Athenai Institute, demanding universities cut financial ties with China.

The Athenai Institute is a non-profit and student-led organization dedicated to opposing Chinese influence in American schools. They wrote a letter to presidents of governing boards of U.S. public universities, asking them to investigate their endowment and cut their investment in China. The letter requested an entire divestment from Chinese financial ties in protest of Chinese human rights violations and international security threats.

Nikki tweeted on her official account, “Communist China is imprisoning millions of Uyghurs, abusing them with forced labor, and subjecting them to rape, sterilization, and torture. The free world promised ‘never again,’ now it’s time to put our money where our mouth is.”

In addition, Halley told Fox News Digital, “American universities must ensure they’re not sending a single dollar to fund genocide.”

Some institutional investors, such as Norway’s sovereign wealth fund and some universities, are beginning to divest from companies that have been complicit in atrocities against Uyghurs.

According to the letter from the Athenai Institute, universities have been at the center of this campaign. Chinese state proxies frequently surveil and coerce students on US campuses.

Bloomberg earlier this month reported that Harvard University’s endowment was considering cutting back on its investments in China.

Fox News cited federal data showing a total of 120 million dollars in Chinese equities in contracts with U.S. colleges in 2021.

Data from the U.S. Education Department shows agreements ranging from nearly 1.4 million dollars to around 32 million dollars.

However, the federal records only provide a few details about the agreements, such as the private Chinese businesses engaged and the contract specifications.

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