At the Winter Olympics in Beijing, many controversies have erupted against the host country China. For example, the disqualification of several athletes for “non-compliance with the dress code,” several cases of unfair decisions by the judges, and the suspicion that Chinese athletes have caused other athletes to fall during the competition. 

According to Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan, In an interview, former Chinese Olympian Huang Xiaomin revealed the “tactics” of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in international competitions.

On Feb. 7, 2022, Chinese skater Fan Kexin was accused of deliberately pushing an obstacle onto the rink with her hand, causing a foreign competitor to slip and fall.

On the same day, China’s gold and silver medals in the men’s 1000m speed skating sparked controversy.

The judges ruled that they had broken the rules during the course change and were both disqualified.

Huang said that the 1,000m and 1,500m events in speed skating are Korea’s strongest events. In the small group competition, the original Korean athletes Hwang Dae Hyeon and Lee Joon Seo finished 1st and 2nd. Still, after watching the replay, the judges ruled that the two men had broken the rules during the track change and were both disqualified. Also, because the competition was in China, the CCP made favorable decisions for the host country’s team.

In the men’s 1000m speed skating final at the Beijing Winter Olympics, initially, it appeared as though Hungary’s Shaolin Sandor Liu had earned gold.

However, the chief referee assessed two penalties, resulting in a yellow card and the gold medal going to Ziwei, and the Chinese team also won the silver medal. The Chinese media boasted that the Chinese team had “won the gold and silver medals.”

On Jan. 7, during the quarter-final of the women’s 500m short track speed skating competition, The mainland media blanked a Video of the Chinese speed skater who fell after allegedly pushing a barrier on the track towards a Canadian skater.

Huang Xiaomin said, “It’s an evil and very unhealthy tactic to try to bring someone down or push them. The CCP’s athletes know this very well.”

Huang Xiaomin said that this is only possible under the Chinese Communist system. The CCP is desperate to win gold medals, and because the Winter Olympics are being held in Beijing, it has done something dishonorable.

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