Masatoshi Fujitani, a former investigator and analyst of the Public Security Intelligence Agency of Japan, said in a television interview that: the CCP is estimated to have sent between 20.000 and 25.000 spies to infiltrate Japan, while the staff of the Public Security Intelligence Agency of Japan amounts to only 1700 people, the numbers of the two sides are entirely disproportionate. This shows that there is an abnormality in Japan.

Mr. Masatoshi Fujitani made the above comment in the program “Evening News” (ABEMA Prime) of Japanese network television station ABEMA on July 7th.

Mr. Masatoshi Fujitani is currently a member of the Japan Strategic Research Forum Policy Advisory Committee. He said, “Through cooperation with intelligence agencies of many countries, it is currently estimated that China has sent between 20.000 and 25.000 spies to Japan. If it includes North Korea and Russia, the number of spies in Japan is an enormous number.”

“Our Public Security Intelligence Agency has only 1.700 employees, and we can’t keep track of them all. We can only do our best to accommodate within our limited budget,” he said.

Mr. Masatoshi Fujitani added: “As an intelligence organization in a democratic country, we must pay attention to basic human rights … But we can take into account the level of risk and other factors, and paid sources. I can’t tell you the specifics, but that’s within the bounds of common sense.”

“Even so, the best form of cooperation is to make the parties as persuasive as possible and proactively cooperate,” he said. “Otherwise, good intelligence cannot be obtained.”

According to Japanese media, the Public Security Intelligence Agency was established in 1952 to investigate groups engaged in violent activities that could threaten the nation’s very existence. It is an agency outside the Department of Justice that requires “restriction of activity” and “dissolution designation” after information collection and analysis and does not have the power to make arrests.

In an interview with ABEMA, the agency’s Deputy Director, Yoichi Yokoo, explained, “By protecting the country with the power of information, we mainly carry out analysis of international terrorism and provide to the Cabinet Secretariat, monitor extremist organizations in Japan, international terrorist organizations abroad and other trends in North Korea, China, and Russia,” he also said, “in recent years, the agency has expanded into the area of economic security, such as cyberattacks and warnings about the outflow of technology and data to abroad.”

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