China official news on May 9 reported that Wan Kai, a “political and legal tiger” and the mayor of Ganzhou city, Jiangxi province, was fired for his involvement in the case of minister Shen Deyong.

A local public security system employee told Red Star News that after seeing the news at that time, he thought Wan Kai was being promoted to a post in the provincial capital but didn’t expect it would be an investigation.

Wan Kai, 48, had only been mayor of Ganzhou for four months and had resigned just two days before the investigation began.

According to The Paper, it was learned from various sources that Wan Kai was involved in the case of Shen Deyong, the former executive vice president of the Supreme Court.

A person familiar with Jiangxi’s political and legal system told The Paper that after Shen Deyong’s dismissal, relevant departments “targeted” Wan Kai’s case.

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