A swimming pool explosion has just happened in Sichuan province, causing one death and seven injuries. Concerns are surrounding its serious safety hazard, and there have been previous warnings one week before.

Explosion occurred, killing one and injure seven

According to “Tianmu News,” an amusement center in Suining City, Sichuan province has a large inflatable swimming pool. However, last Saturday evening, the pool suddenly “exploded” and deflated for unknown reasons. The pool later collapsed and washed into the adjacent river.

Later, the official of Pengxi County, Suining city issued a confirmation that at about 7:30 pm that day, an accident occurred at the Pengnan Recreation Center in Pengxi County, causing one death and seven injuries.

According to “Orange Persimmon Interaction,” the owner of a local restaurant said that the entertainment center that collapsed under the explosion was located in Pengnan New District, just about 50 meters away from the river. And his shop is about 200 meters away. 

This playground has only been open for 10 days. There are inflatable swimming pools for adults and children in the playground. The water depth is between 2.6 to 3.2 feet. When the incident occurred, many adults and children were playing in it. The reason for the accident was that the wall of the swimming pool was broken.

Another witness said that there were two deep pools below the collapsed pool. The water depth was about 1.5 meters, 5 feet. Below the deep pool was a dam, and further down was a river. The river was not deep, but about 1 meter, 3.2 feet.

The witness also mentioned that the height difference from the collapsed swimming pool to the river below is about 10 meters, 33 feet. Even if the water is not deep, it is very dangerous for tourists to be washed down instantly.

Warning comes a week before

Actually, a risk complaint about the construction’s safety hazard was filed a week before, and the official’s assessment is “in process” so far.

The playground in question just opened on July 8, meaning just a week before the accident happened. Some people complained that the place had serious safety hazards.

On July 11, a netizen wrote a message to the secretary of the Pengxi County Party Committee. In the message, the netizen complained that the place had serious safety hazards. The complaint involves hidden dangers of traffic safety and medical safety, among others. The complaint also states that “the playground is a temporary construction, without any business-related license, and there is no relevant person in charge”.

In the relevant part of the swimming pool, the complaint reads that there is a deep water area in the swimming pool site. The water depth exceeds 1.5 meters, 5 feet, and children are playing in the deep water area. The swimming area is isolated and parents are not allowed to enter and escort their children. And the pool lifeguard has not undergone professional drowning rescue training. The person was employed without a license. 

The complaint also pointed out that the lighting facilities at night are poor, the lights are dim. It is impossible to clearly tell if a child is drowning or not in this situation, and it is impossible to rescue in time. The swimming pool water has not been replaced and disinfected in time, and the water quality is poor with smells. At that time, the netizen suggested that the relevant departments should order the business to suspend operation.

However, as of the time of publication, the complaint showed that it was “in process”. The staff of Pengnan Township, Pengxi County told the “Southern Metropolis Daily” that the incident was awaiting official notification.

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