Xilan Ceylan is a mixed-race foreigner. His mother is Chinese, and his father is Belgian. He is a Youtuber and currently lives in China. After returning to Brussels – Belgium, Xilan Ceylan published a Youtube video on the 29th. There, he recalled the chaos of Shanghai’s zero-Covid.

His 25-minute Youtube video got over one million views in just a couple of days.

Xilan Ceylan remembered the government promised only to block the city in just four days. However, Shanghai then enters a never-ending lockdown.

He said the real reason he had to leave Shanghai was the lack of food. He said that he didn’t have anything to eat and even forgot the tastes of the food. He emphasized that he didn’t tell a joke.

Xilan further revealed that many people tried to escape from this city.

With a population of 25 million, Shanghai was stranded. Under the long-lasting lockdown, a number of citizens from the financial hub continue to express their dissatisfaction and anger with the government’s measures. Across the city, protests are multiplying.

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