Lhasa, the capital of China’s Tibet region, has been going through a lockdown for more than two months now. Chaos happens every day. 

Recently, the case of a Han man in Lhasa raised public interest in the situation in the region. The man was brave enough to come out to report the “fraudulent” COVID test results to the Lhasa authority despite potential harsh consequences. Before stepping into broad daylight, he had already written a suicide note.

The rare scene was captured in a video posted online on Thursday, October 27. In the video, a man holding an ID card with his real name “Tang Yangchun” said that he was from Baiyin, Gansu province. He accuses specific COVID testing centers in Lhasa of falsifying testing results, thus hurting innocent people.

Then he cited his personal pain. He said he was furious when the COVID measures badly hurt the health of his two daughters and his family’s normal way of life.

He posted a video showing that earlier this month, on October 3, his child was tested for COVID and got a positive result. So the child was sent to the cabin for quarantine. The next  morning, the child’s COVID test came back, this time with a negative result.

Tang said that since he posted the video with his real name, his children’s COVID status hasn’t been normal. First, the positive testing result of his second child was removed without notice. Then, the child’s COVID status spontaneously turned from red to green code, even though no COVID test has been done to confirm this. Furthermore, the COVID test results of different medical teams also gave out different results.

 He wonders who has the black hand in operating the nucleic acid test. He said that he was willing to speak up, otherwise the truth won’t come out. He did not accept any mediation from the government and was willing to write a suicide note.

Many Chinese netizens are also facing the same case. In a Twitter post last month, a netizen by the name of “ming (Yangfan)” said that he witnessed the same person getting opposite results, one positive one negative, on the same day. 

Lhasa has been locked down for more than 70 days. On Wednesday, October 26, people poured into the street of Lhasa to protest the lengthy lockdown. Police rushed to the scene to keep order. One source told Voice of America that people were protesting mainly because they couldn’t buy food and daily necessities. The protest lasted from afternoon until evening.

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