Shanghai Municipal Party Secretary Li Qiang visited a community named Jingyi Jia Yuan in the city’s Fengxian District on April 17. During his inspection, the food shelves of the area’s supermarkets were suddenly filled again. However, local people cannot buy them.

Chinese-language newspaper Xin Tang Ren published a video in which the store told customers that the goods were just for showmanship and would not be sold to customers.

The newspaper said that these displayed products were acts of fake friendliness by Chinese officials or also called “pro-people shows.” Because another video revealed that people in white protective suits beat up a citizen when he told the leader that the citizens had no food to eat.

Since Shanghai started the COVID lockdown, the city has kept 25 million residents indoors. Shanghai’s people have struggled to feed themselves due to food shortages. Food trucks cannot enter the city due to strict pandemic control measures.

The authorities admitted that food shortages are a disaster due to a lack of planning and coordination.

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