After being hit by allegations of food safety violations, authorities ordered two Pizza Hut stores in Beijing to shut down. Chinese district regulators are also investigating dozens of other stores.

According to Nikkei Asia, 45 outlets in Beijing’s Haidian district were investigated after state-backed Beijing News reported on Wednesday that two locations, including the one in the Haidian district, allegedly had tampered with food expiration dates and had reused cooking oil for ten days.

The safety regulators said on Wednesday that they found fake expiration dates on food products and dirty kitchen environments at the two stores mentioned above.

On the same day, Hong Kong-listed Yum China Holdings, which owns Pizza Hut, posted on its Weibo account, “We attach great importance to the issues reported by the media,” without explaining further.

It’s not the first time Pizza Hut has been caught in food safety problems. 

In March, another Pizza Hut in Beijing was fined $7,400 for using expired food materials. 

Food safety has become a topic of concern in mainland China after a series of scandals were exposed on the Internet.

The reuse of oil is nothing compared to “gutter oil,” which has been used in many street food stalls or restaurants across China.

Cooking Chinese food tends to use a lot of oil. To meet that demand, some street vendors and hole-in-the-wall restaurants purchase cheap waste oil recycled from the garbage. [Video 0:15- 0:45]

China’s biggest pork processor, Henan Shuanghui Investment & Development, once was in a storm of scandal when its workers in dirty uniforms packed meat that fell on the floor.

The Melamine-contaminated milk tragedy in 2008 was China’s biggest scandal so far when sixteen infants in China’s Gansu Province were found to have kidney stones.

According to Forbes news, all of them had been fed melamine-contaminated milk formula.

Three hundred thousand babies in China were said to have fallen ill four months later due to the contaminated milk. Six fatalities from kidney injury were reported afterward.

The Sanlu Group was a state-owned Chinese dairy products company based in Xinhua District. The company was identified as the main culprit.

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