Recently, many students of Shenzhen Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) reported that they ate foreign objects such as batteries, cigarette butts, earthworms, cockroaches, etc., in the school cafeteria many times, which aroused the attention of the whole network.

On June 5, Southern University of Science and Technology students voluntarily organized and launched a canteen experience questionnaire.

Within a week, 1,604 people participated in total. More than 60% of the participants expressed dissatisfaction with the cafeteria, and more than 80% believed the food was pricey, unpleasant to eat, and of much lower quality than before.

Since the questionnaire was released from June 7 to June 11, a total of 67 food safety questions were exposed, mainly involving six situations, as follows:

01. Foreign objects and bugs in the food

02. Diarrhea after meals

03. The ingredients are not cleaned

04. Food is undercooked

05. Food taste or appearance is abnormal

06. Saw mice, cockroaches, etc. in the cafeteria

After an exercise session, some SUSTech students claimed they were hungry but had nothing to eat, so they proceeded to the tenth building to have preserved egg porridge and fried chicken wings. The end outcome was acute gastroenteritis, which was linked to consuming contaminated food.

Additionally, some SUSTech students reported finding cockroaches, steel wires, bed bugs, and snails on the plates in the cafeteria. 

 It was also found that there were battery fragments in the vegetable seeds.

Some others claimed that the steamed buns and breakfast buns had an odd scent and even had mildew growing on them. They also believed they had likely been refrozen multiple times before being sold.

Judging from the revelations made by students on the online platform, the dining hall of SUSTech is fascinating.

One person commented: “Oh my God! I get goosebumps when I see these disgusting photos.”

Another wrote: “How horrible the people who manage the canteen are. They must get a penalty.”

In August 2022, a kindergarten in eastern China’s Shandong province was allegedly caught feeding children rotten food, including maggot-infested meat and moldy fruit and vegetables.

In June 2022, 180 children at a kindergarten in northwestern China’s Shaanxi province became sick after getting a Salmonella infection from the food served there.

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