Recently, students of Anhui Medical University protested violently because the school forced them to end their study programs and take exams early. The students discussed it with leaders but were refused.

On December 6, Twitter user @whyyoutouzhele (Teacher Li is not your teacher)—who famously reported on the ‘White Paper Movement’ against the ‘zero-COVID’ policy in China—published a video. The video pointed out an incident at Anhui Medical University stemming from the adjustment of the anti-pandemic policy. Accordingly, the school leadership forced students to finish the study program and take the test before December 24. The students asked to talk to the school leader because they could not complete the task, but they were refused, leading to large-scale protests.” [Two videos]

One video shows many students gathering under the night lights and shouting, “Quit school!.” In another video, the same day in the Anhui University of Science and Technology dormitory, students shouted out in the middle of the night: “Quit school!.”

School’s viewpoint v’s student aspirations

On December 3, a source from Twitter said that Anhui Medical University students did not accept the exam arranged by the school [fourth picture]: “The school has forced us to study in order to be able to organize the exam before the deadline, students complain, but the school offers to only keep the lights on in the dormitory until midnight, is this the way to solve the problem?”

Someone pointed out [second picture vertically]: “We study the five-year system, so the third and fourth years is the time when there are the most programs, but Anhui Medical University ignores the students’ aspirations and forces the exam half a month earlier, and cram all the classes [third picture]. “The Department of Education does not listen to the advice of teachers, students, and counselors. They do everything to force the program to complete before December 18.” The school said it could “hold the exam in advance and put the school on winter break.”

Due to recent large-scale protests against “zero-COVID” in many cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Hangzhou … Chinese authorities relaxed the policy. Street protests also temporarily subsided, but other protest activities have recently emerged on college campuses. For example, on December 4 at Wuhan University, there was a violent protest from students. They shouted slogans: “Transparent information, open process!” and “Lift the lockdown, come back home!”

On December 5, many students from Nanjing University gathered under the night lights, chanting in unison, “go home,” and “lift the lockdown.”

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