Hunan Province has been hit by heavy rainfall since June 1. As a result, numerous floods occurred in many places, and about 280,000 people were affected.

According to an online video, on June 3, floods hit various parts of Hunan, from cities to villages.

Yiyang City’s farmland was in flood. The roads turned into rivers with cars floating in flood.

Ankang Township in Changde City also submerged in flood overnight, and the affected people cried in despair.

Floods wreaked havoc in Taoyuan County as well.

Huaihua City, Chenxi County, was flooded to the second floor of buildings. The streets were in chaos after the local flood wreaked havoc here.

According to Hunan Province’s official announcement, in addition to heavy rainstorms, the water levels of some rivers and lakes in the province will continue to rise.

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