The ancient city of Fenghuang in Hunan province suffered from heavy rain and flood from June 2 to 3.

In Jufu Village, Aizhai Town, a flood swept away many homestays with pointed roofs and wooden structures. A person wearing raincoats stood by and watched helplessly.

The heavy rain caused the water level of the Tuojiang River in western Hunan to rise tremendously. 

The streets turned into rivers. A large number of houses and local shops were flooded. An ice-cream freezer was caught floating on the river.

A resident said: “Every year on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, it rains heavily here in Phoenix, Hunan, and this year the rain is particularly heavy.”

Many towns in Fenghuang county also suffered from heavy rain. A video shows an excessive amount of water flooded into resident houses in the Sanguan Bridge area.

The ancient city of Fenghuang in west Hunan has a history of more than 300 years. According to Xinhua News Agency, as of June 3, the torrential rain has caused 2 people to die, and 7 people to lose contact. 170 houses collapsed, and 10,100 hectares of crops were damaged. 

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