NTD reported that in recent days, Liaoning province has suffered from heavy rain and floods in many places. 

Specifically, 10 localities of Liaoning with a population of over 470,000 people and 127 thousand hectares of crops were affected by floods.

A dyke on the Chaoyang River in Panjin City was breached for five days, turning the residential areas the dyke once protected into an ocean.

On rainy days, the water levels of many rivers in Panjin constantly rise. On the morning of August 1, the fourth section of the dyke of the Panjin dam on the Raoyang River broke. The width of the breach in the dyke was 165 feet.

After emergency repairs, the dyke was returned to its intended function as a water retaining wall on August 6. However, outside the dyke, a large ocean engulfs residential areas.

Local officials did not disclose casualties or missing people after Liaoning’s heavy rains and floods. They only said that about 8,000 people were evacuated.

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