A Chinese man posted a video on social media platforms, sharing his experience of returning home to northeast China from Shanghai.

His challenging journey starts with seeking a second-hand car because he wants to escape from Shanghai but cannot grab a ticket.

As shown at the beginning of the footage, he must ride a bike 30 km to reach where the car is sold.

After purchasing the used car for 8,500 yuan (1,200 dollars) on a whim, he drives back to Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province.

He has prepared food for the trip and, with one of his two friends changing, in turn, to drive home.

However, the car is so dilapidated. The destination was over 1,200 miles away. He feels really nervous. He is worried that the vehicle will break down halfway.

He said in the video, “I don’t know if I can drive home, let’s see if it works or not.”

After two days and three nights of long-distance running, the man feels gradually relieved as he gets closer to his hometown.

When arriving in Jilin city, he shouted excitedly, “Jilin, I’m here.”
After reaching Daqing safely, the eldest member said happily, “Ah, I’m finally getting home.”

Although returning home successfully, he is now in centralized isolation.

People are trying to flee Shanghai. The Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station has been overloaded these days. Because it’s hard to get tickets, many Chinese residents have tried other ways to get home.

A video posted on the Internet shows a man with a puppy sitting on a homemade styrofoam box. He is using tree branches as paddles and planning to return to Jiangxi by waterway.

A resident on the shore along the road intervenes and says he shouldn’t go back to Jiangxi like this.

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