According to CCTV news, on August 17, between 6:25 to 8:30 PM, fires occurred in the mountains and forests within Lizhi Street and Jiangbei Street, Daliangshan, and Beishanping of Fuling district, Chongqing city.  

At 1:40 AM, after about four hours and 12 minutes, the Fuling District’s fire fighting team arrived at the scene in Daliang mountain for rescue operations. 

The footage showed a mountain that had burned halfway up, with thick smoke billowing in Beishanping, Fuling District.

According to the Fuling District Government, Chongqing, the fire was effectively controlled on the morning of August 18, nearby residents were evacuated, and no casualties were reported. The cause of the fire is under investigation. 

On August 17, Sichuan and Chongqing’s temperatures exceeded 104 °F (40ºC). In particular, the highest temperature at Chongqing Beibei Station reached 112.3 °F (44.6 °C).

Tianmu News cited a witness, Miss Dong, on August 18 that the fire site was located near Beishanping in Fuling District. Beishan Park is near the fire, an ecological park usually open to tourists.

Xin Tang Ren cited Chinese netizens, “There are currently three fires in Daliangshan, Beishanping, and Dengjia Village below Sanqiao as of today (August 17) after 6 in the evening. The three fires are very fierce.”

“Why are there so many disasters in Chongqing this year? The local weather is like a 41-degree stove.”

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