According to Timednews, a fire broke out on the second floor of Building 18, Hangzhou Bay Building Materials Market in Zhejiang Province at about 10 am on June 9. 

A video posted by netizens shows that the entire building materials market was billowing with smoke, reaching hundreds-of-meters high, obscuring the sky and the sun.

Many people can be heard screaming.

Thick smoke continued to pour out of the windows on the second floor. Some people huddled on the air conditioner outside the window to take shelter, and some had nowhere to escape, so in desperation jumped off the building.

In one video, at least three people jumped from the building. A man in black from the window on the right; a man in white climbs out of the window, accidentally falls downstairs, and hits his head hard on the ground; another man in black climbs out of the left window hanging on the air conditioner cable and then falls to the ground.

As of 11.00 am on Thursday, seven people had been rescued, 5 of them were burned, and one had inhaled poisonous gas. They had jumped off the second floor, and although none of their injuries were life-threatening, the badly burned victims can be seen rolling on the ground. All were sent to the hospital for treatment.

A burnt-black body covered with a cloth is on a stretcher near the fire scene.

Public security, health, and other responsible departments arrived at the scene to rescue people and extinguish the fire.

At about 11 am, the fire was extinguished.

The on-site search and rescue work is still in progress. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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