At dawn on November 8, a fire broke out in a high-rise apartment in Chongqing. Due to the CCP virus pandemic, the subdivision was locked down and the fire truck was blocked by the fence outside the subdivision. Due to the large fire, a resident with nowhere to escape tried to climb out the window to avoid the fire but unfortunately fell and died.

A video posted by netizens shows that, at dawn on November 8, a fire broke out in a high-rise apartment in Jiucheng Times Community, Dongyuan, Yangjiaping, Chongqing. A person appeared standing on the window ledge, but suddenly lost their balance and fell. It is estimated that the apartment owner tried to climb out of the window to avoid the fire but unfortunately fell. The woman filming the video didn’t even realize someone had fallen, and thought it was an explosion with a loud noise.

A video shows red flames coming from the windows of the burning apartment. Many fire trucks came to put out the fire but were blocked by the quarantine fence, and the fire department had to remove the fence to get in. Firefighters impatiently watched the burning apartment from afar.

Local netizens revealed what happened.

The Jiucheng Times residential area caught on fire. People were shouting for everyone in the building to quickly get out. they were shouting to wake people up. Everyone in the sub-district used flashlights to light up the building. One person who couldn’t escape fell from the window ledge and died.

According to reports from the official CCP media, on November 8, 157 new confirmed local cases were reported in Chongqing.

The pandemic situation in Jiulongpo district, Chongqing appeared on Weibo’s hot search, and local netizens discussed why authorities were so strict about the lockdown. But the pandemic is becoming more and more serious. This person wrote:

“What I’m about to say may not be easy to hear, here’s why the pandemic still needs such strong measures:

1. Those who have money are also hold the power, the policies they make are all based on their own interests.

2. Marketing “nucleic acid testing” must be called a market because it brings in trillions in profits—nucleic acid testing operations, testing booths everywhere, logistics support, raw material supply from one focal point. Its profits exceed that of any industry. Moreover, it costs less effort.

3. People cried out that God doesn’t understand. Experts changed their opinions constantly. Mainstream media began to control criticism. These people basically do not understand this pandemic. After all, there are many rich and important people abroad who are also getting infected but in our country not many people with money and power are infected.

4. The lockdown of the civil service system does not cause officials to lose their salaries or any benefits. On the contrary, if they do not lock down cities, it can lead to them getting fired. And of course their interests conflict with the people.

5. “The poor and the weak (pimin) are not worthy of concern, nor should they be a drawback to anyone.”

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