On May 28, a fierce fire burst out at a five-story building in Erqi District, Zhengzhou city. Zhengzhou is the capital of China’s Henan province.

The authorities said the fire occurred around 7:40 p.m. and the building in question was a hotel. No casualties have been reported.

Judging by an online recording, which captured nearly the entire process, the fire was visible from the outside of the hotel’s second floor. During this time, insiders were still lingering at the scene without moving. No fire-fighting action was seen, probably because the fire was already growing from the exterior part of the hotel, which appeared unreachable.

The fire then spread vertically upwards. At first, only the left side of the building was affected. A dozen or so occupants finally rushed out from the entrance. Soon enough, the flame quickly expanded and eventually engulfed the entire building facade.

The process happened in just five minutes or so.

In a separate video, the fire was bursting wildly at the ground of the hotel with sporadic eruptions.

In this footage, fire-fighter trucks had finally appeared at the scene. At this point, the hotel structure was no longer visible because of stronger flames on the ground and black smoke.

The hallowing incident was nonetheless visible from a far distance.

There have been rumors that the building was not a hotel, but a student apartment of the First Affiliated College of Zhengzhou.

The police disputed the information, adding that electric failure from outdoors was what caused the incident.

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