Natural disasters and strange phenomena have continued to bombard China. Non-stop storms and floods have occurred in many places. An uncommon natural disaster recently happened in the city of Inner Mongo. High winds blew away the warehouse in Hohhot in seconds and uprooted large trees.

Burning News Weibo posted footage from citizens in Hohhot, Inner Mongo, on June 17. In the video, a strong wind combined with sand tore off a warehouse’s roof, toppling the whole building and turning everything into a pile of rubble within seconds.

Winds in other parts of the city caused trees to fall and blocked the traffic. Unable to drag one tree away, the rescuers had to cut it up using a saw. An uprooted tree struck a car in another area. While waiting for the rescue team, people stood around the tree filming.

The editor of Burning News encourages everyone to limit their traveling in windy conditions and avoid buildings, trees, and other materials that can be blown down and cause hazards.

Besides the strong wind, Hohhot also suffered from high temperatures. According to Xinhuanet, Mongolia is one of many areas with daily high temperatures, 95 – 100 ºF.

The Inner Mongolia Meteorological Observatory issued a warning the same day. The central and northern parts of Hohhot City and many other locations would have lightning activity. Local areas were to experience significant convective weather, including short-term heavy rains, thunderstorms, strong winds, hail, and tornadoes.

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