Recently, a female student named Wang Moumou from Zhengzhou University in Henan sneaked out to meet her boyfriend on May 1. A few days later, that student tested positive for COVID. She was expelled from the school for violating epidemic prevention regulations. The incident then attracted public attention.

As many Chinese media outlets reported, a staff member of Zhengzhou University on May 19 responded to the incident. The staff said that the female student who went out without permission had been expelled.

Before going out, Wang asked her roommate to do a nucleic acid test for her. As a result, her roommate is under investigation and the punishment will depend on the conclusion of the police.

Zhengzhou University previously issued an announcement. It stated that on May 5, a student from the South Campus of Zhengzhou University had an abnormal nucleic acid test result after visiting the fever clinic of the Fifth Affiliated Hospital. She received COVID positive test afterward.

Right after that, about 6000 people, including 1,000 teachers and students, were taken away for quarantine.

According to China News, the student violated the “Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China.” She has now been charged with impeding the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

The only information available regarding her boyfriend is that he has not yet been diagnosed.

The incident has triggered public anger over China’s epidemic prevention policy.

One netizen stated absurd things are happening under the absurd epidemic prevention policy.

Another said that this is the world’s first college student to be expelled for contracting COVID.

Another wrote the biggest mistake is her university in China; it’s just normal behavior in a foreign university.

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