In recent years, when Chinese people left the country, Chinese Customs would check them carefully and even cut off their passports. A female internet celebrity cried and said that she was going to the airport to watch a World Cup game in Qatar, but Customs officials took her passport saying that they were worried that she would be “defrauded overseas.”

“Wei Wei Wei” is an internet star from Hunan province with more than 1 million fans. In a recent live broadcast, she boasted to her fans that she was going to travel abroad soon.

She said that she wanted to watch the World Cup games in Qatar four years ago. 

Last Sunday, November 27, Weiwei and her two friends got to Shanghai Pudong Airport, ready to make the trip. But when they were about to leave the country, their passports were denied. 

She said that she was really, really, terribly sad.

“Weiwei” also said that they had already made reservations for a hotel in Dubai and a flight from Dubai to Istanbul.

But now authorities have taken her passport, so she can’t go anywhere. She wondered why this happened. 

On November 28, she posted another message saying that authorities had taken her passport because there were so many scams abroad. And they claimed that they were afraid that Weiwei and her friends would be taken advantage of.

In May, some netizens on the mainland said that the Chinese Customs cut people’s passports quickly.

A Dalian netizen said that he saw with his own eyes that a passport was cut at a port in Dalian. There were more than 20 cuts. He advised people to quickly leave if they could find a way to do so. It’s pretty frightening!

Besides cutting passports, all parts of China have also sent out notices saying that passports must be turned in and that leaving the country is strictly controlled.

Lai Jianping is a master of International Law at China University of Political Science and Law. He told Chinese-language media Xin Tang Ren that the Chinese Communist Party’s actions go against its own laws. Citizens should have the right to be free, to move around, and to come and go as they please. But now, the CCP is depriving the Chinese of these rights. But since it is not stated in writing, people would have nowhere to complain.

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