COVID outbreaks have recently hit Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan. According to a government notice, except for COVID testing, Zhongyuan district required its almost 1 million residents to stay at home starting Monday. As a result, chaos has unfolded in Zhengzhou.

On October 16, a series of videos uploaded on Youtube showed a man kneeling, crying in despair while begging for God in a certain place in Zhengzhou.

People lined up, waiting for their turns to take COVID tests in the cold wind.

Another video reveals some residential areas are being locked down.

Many Zhengzhou residents wearing white hazmat suits were reportedly transferred to quarantine sites.

Several ambulances parked on the sideroad with their beacon lights flashing day and night.

In this regard, many netizens left their comments below the video to express their thoughts:

“What a heart-warming country that is so worried about people’s health.”

“To give birth to a child on this land is a sin!”

“The feet of people from other countries are used to stand, but the feet of people of this country are used to kneel.”

Zhengzhou has seen a spike in COVID cases for many consecutive days. 

On October 16, the city added three new local cases and three asymptomatic infections.

Despite the high cost, China is adhering to the “zero-COVID” policy of lockdowns and mass testing.

According to economists surveyed by Bloomberg, growth would only reach 3.3% this year, which would be the second-lowest rate in more than four decades.

The strict COVID restrictions have also fueled public anger.

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