Wuhan, China, was the first city where the coronavirus outbreak broke out. According to Chinese media outlet Xin Tang Ren, a family in this city still has lingering fears after experiencing the extreme crisis.

Peier’s (pseudonym) family still spared no effort in taking strict precautions. They isolated themselves, stocked up on medicine in advance, and even bought an oxygen generator. Nevertheless, Peier’s very worried for her parents. 

After the official release of epidemic prevention and control in early December this year, their entire family remained quarantined at home. In addition, Peier has never gone out since the official announcement of the relaxation of epidemic prevention and control.

Knowing that once the epidemic broke out on a large scale, hospitals would be full and medicine would be in short supply, she bought a lot of cold and fever medicines.

According to Peier, doctors and nurses must continue working even with a fever. 

Now, there is no isolation space in the hospitals. Hence, they are almost all occupied. She also stated that everyone would be infected sooner or later.

In addition to stocking up on symptomatic medications ahead of time, Peier prepared to help herself in case her family got infected. 

She even bought an oxygen concentrator. Moreover, Peier also browses the experiences of infected people on the Internet regarding nutritious food and effective medication against COVID-19.

Peier said we don’t want to get involved with the virus, adding that she had such an experience because she went through COVID stages in Wuhan.

Peier admitted that she couldn’t afford to lose [her parents] after witnessing many tragedies and crises. In addition, Peier doesn’t want her parents to be “one in ten thousand, one in ten million.”

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