The Association of Foreign Correspondents in China (FCCC) wrote on November 28 that some foreign journalists had been harassed by police while covering recent protests in Shanghai and Beijing. At least two foreign journalists were briefly detained. According to reports, another Swiss journalist was detained elsewhere in Shanghai on November 27.

The Swiss journalist Michael Peuker was surrounded by three police officials as he was reporting live from Shanghai on his News program that evening. He said, “The tension here is at its peak. Proof of this is that I am now surrounded by three police officers; I will be taken to the police station after this broadcast.”

In a statement, the FCCC said they were”…very disappointed and frustrated at the increasing barriers placed on foreign journalists operating in China.”

The association noted that under Chinese law, foreign journalists “have the right to report in China without restriction.” The FCCC also urged Beijing to fulfill its commitment to protecting foreign journalists’ safety and reporting rights in China.

The association has yet to receive an official explanation and apology from the CCP and has only received an official statement about releasing the reporter.

BBC replied, “We don’t think this is a reasonable explanation.”The British government has condemned the detention of Lawrence by Chinese police. British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly wrote on Twitter, “Media freedom and freedom to protest must be respected. No country is exempt…Journalists must be able to do their jobs without being intimidated.”

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