FBI Director  Christopher Wray said on January 19 that he was “deeply concerned” about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s artificial intelligence (AI) program.

According to the director, the program doesn’t share the values that it reflects.

The first reason regards public security.

Speaking at a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Wray said,

“The Chinese government has a bigger hacking system than any other nation in the world, and their AI program is not constrained by the rule of law, it is built on top of the massive amount of intellectual property and sensitive data that they have stolen over the years.”

Wray said China would use the data unless it were checked. China aims to promote hacktivism, intellectual property theft, and the suppression of dissent at home and abroad.

Reuters reviewed over 50 publicly available CCP documents and reported on them last April. Dozens of Chinese companies were reported to have developed software that sorts residents data using artificial intelligence.

The media cited a tender published in July by Henan’s public security department. The system could learn independently and improve file creation accuracy as data increases. It could also reasonably accurately archive partially blocked or covered faces.

According to Christopher Wray, China’s AI programs are something he is concerned about, and everyone should be worried about them.

According to VOA Chinese, U.S. counterintelligence officials issued warnings in 2021 about China’s ambitions in AI. In addition, business executives, academics, and local and state government officials were informed about the risks of accepting 

Chinese investment or expertise in key industries.

Earlier that year, an AI commission chaired by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt urged the United States to improve its capabilities to compete with China by developing “AI-enabled” weapons.

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