The United States and Britain are joining forces to counter the same Chinese Regime threat.  

On July 6, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Britain’s MI5 Director-General Ken McCallum made an unprecedented joint appearance to warn of the growing long-term threat from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

During the first-ever joint appearance, both officials reaffirmed concerns about Chinese economic espionage by human and hacker spies. China intentionally attempts to obtain Western intellectual property through threats, bullying, and economic power.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said the Chinese regime posed “the most long-term threat” to economic and national security for the UK, the U.S., and their allies.

The FBI officials reported on Beijing’s attempts to influence the American state and local politics.

According to Wray, the Chinese regime tries to shape the world by interfering in their alliance’s politics. He added that the regime “poses an even more serious threat to Western businesses than even many sophisticated businesspeople realize.”

Continually, he emphasized it’s set on “stealing your technology.” The Chinese regime’s hacking program is “bigger than that of every other major country combined.” Specifically, this year China directly interfered in New York’s congressional election.

Besides, MI5 Director-General McCallum said, “The Chinese Communist Party is interested in our democratic, media, and legal systems. Not to emulate them, sadly, but to use them for its gain.” 

McCallum gave an instance of a British aviation expert recruited by a company. The expert made two trips to China and enjoyed privileged treatment. Then, he was asked for and paid for detailed technical information on military aircraft. The MI5 later found that Chinese intelligence officers ran this company. 

Wray said that China might try to take Taiwan forcibly. If it happened, China would represent one of the most terrible business disruptions.

Purposefully, after both heads of the security services provided numerous examples of China-related issues, they encouraged the audience to be cautious and cooperate with the FBI and MI5 to obtain the necessary intelligence to avoid this CCP threat. 

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