Tragedy of Xuzhou school lockdown: Freshman dies in dormitory 13 days after admission

Before the upcoming 20th National Party Congress in mid-October, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) strictly controlled the COVID pandemic. Unfortunately, as a result, many areas locked down for a long time have become the site of many tragedies.

A video shared on Twitter shows a man burning joss paper for the deceased on the ground at the gate of Jiangsu Normal University. Beside him, a woman was sitting on the pavement, crying loudly. Two women assisting her also shed tears. Everyone around was buzzing about this heartbreaking scene.

According to the person who posted the video on Twitter, a student son of this family was a freshman. He asked for leave to go out to see a doctor after he fell ill. However, the school was in a locked-down period, so it did not allow him to leave. In addition, the on-campus infirmary did not give effective medical treatment. As a result, his illness worsened, and he died in the dormitory just 13 days after entering the school.

This family went to the school to get justice for their son but could not enter and could only cry helplessly in front of the school gate.

Chinese man kicked a 7-year-old boy to avenge his daughter

According to Chinese media reports, Zhuhai police have issued an administrative penalty notice to a 31-year-old man for kicking a 7-year-old boy.

Video from the mall in Zhuhai, Guangdong, shows the man running up to the boy and kicking him as he was standing with another girl. The kick caused the boy to fall to the floor and cry loudly.

The boy’s parents quickly alerted the police and took him to the hospital for treatment. Fortunately, the boy only suffered minor injuries to his mouth.

According to information from the local police, the man said he was furious when his daughter was pushed by the boy while playing. And he kicked the boy to teach him a lesson. 

According to NetEase, people were outraged after watching the video. They think the punishment is too light as the man’s action is savage and cruel. In addition, some consider such a kick can also knock down an adult, let alone a 7-year-old child.

Tibet: The appearance of a ‘little tiger’ in their home surprised people

According to a report in the Tibet Daily, the Loeb Border Police Station of the Tibet Border Inspection Terminal received an alarm from a villager named Nima Zhuo Ma at 2:30 a.m. on September 23 about a wild animal in their house. People panicked and said it was a tiger cub.

Border police arrived at the scene later and confirmed it was a Chinese leopard cat. However, it was suffering from many injuries to its head and legs, so it was taken for treatment. After five days of careful care, the stone tiger regained its original mobility. The police released it back to the wild wolf Valley Forest in the Lebugou Scenic Area of the jurisdiction.
According to Chinese media, the “Chinese leopard cat” was a second-class protected species in China. This species is distributed in the low mountains.

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