Shanghai’s lockdown has disrupted the daily lives of its 25 million residents. In some cases, things become tragic and unbearable.

A few days ago, an online video showed that a Shanghai resident told about the “false positive” Covid test case in his family. The false test result made it difficult for a pregnant woman at his home to seek medical treatment and eventually caused a tragedy for his family.

The video was posted on May 28. In the video, an elderly man told the crowd that his family member tested ‘positive’ on May 16 and May 17, and the health code became red. But suddenly it changed back to green five days later. Then days after that, the test result turned back to negative on May 25, causing a “positive for 10 days” status.

He said the pregnant woman made many phone calls to various government departments to let her seek medical treatment. However, no one came forward to solve the problem, and finally, the woman had a miscarriage.

The man in the video said that the family paid 180,000 yuan (about 27,000 dollars) to a maternity hospital to take care of the woman during pregnancy and childbirth. After the incident, the family had to pay another 50,000 to 60,000 yuan (7,500 to 9,000 dollars) for the stillborn baby operation. 

When telling his tragic family story to the crowd, the old man then pointed at a government official with a badge on his chest and verbally insulted him. 

The crowd angrily condemned the official: “This is not much of a problem? How can you say such things? You’re lying!” 

The official then said something like, “it’s not a big deal” when he tried to calm the crowd.

Shanghai’s strict lockdown policy has caused many painful tragedies such as child-parent separation, the elderly suffering in quarantine zones, or a nurse beating an elderly to death, among others. 

In the past few days, a company in Shanghai was exposed for producing a large number of false-positive tests. The incident is under investigation.

The financial hub announced that it would lift the lockdown but the lockdown conditions still remain in many places in the city.

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