Expert on the history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Gao Wenqian, told VOA that retired senior officials would attend the Presidium of the CCP’s 20th national Congress.

Gao said that the Presidium with such personalities could be the variable preventing General Secretary Xi Jinping from being re-elected.

Xi is being heavily criticized for his policies that have caused the Chinese economy to decline, of which the Zero-Covid policy is one of the most fiercely attacked.

Gao believes that a certain character can unexpectedly raise issues detrimental to Xi. The Presidium can accept this idea and direct the meeting to discuss it. As such, the situation could spiral out of Xi’s control.

There is a precedent for the Presidium to change the CCP’s congress scenario. At the 1978 congress, Chen Yun once raised the reform issue, and the Presidium accepted Chen’s opinion and led the Congress to discuss this idea.

The results of the meeting’s resolution included discussions related to Chen’s idea.

However, according to Sound of Hope, Professor Zhang Tianliang said that because Xi is holding the army, Public Security, the Central Guard Bureau, and the Secret Service, it is difficult to turn the tide in the 20th Congress.

So even if someone launches an attack, the end result might just be Xi Jinping offering some compromise.

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