According to Reuters, the pandemic in Shanghai and some megacities has broken out again. The authorities have begun large-scale isolation and control.

The officials reported on October 10, Shanghai had 26 new confirmed cases, bringing the total number of new cases in China to 2,089.

Officials hastily block many colleges, universities, also streets, and communities. A large number of cabins are also re-opened.

On the evening of the 10th, Shanghai officially announced that until November 10, nucleic acid testing will be carried out at least twice a week in all city districts. This is one step up from once a week under the regime imposed after the last closure.

Authorities also said they also increased checks on domestic travelers and in places like hotels.

Wang Jianhua, a Shanghai citizen, told the Sound of Hope, “It seems that there are several cases in every district. No one knows whether it is true or not…and there is no evidence! It used to be the whole city, but now it is closed in turns. In a crazy country, officials are competing to see who is crazier.”

Wang then added, “It’s lighter than a cold. Why are they so nervous?” First, to control, second, to do nucleic acid testing, convert public funds to private funds.”

On the 11th, the state-run media People’s Daily commented on the official Weibo article emphasizing that “zero policy is sustainable and must be adhered to”.

Wang said, “There will be a meeting on the 16th. They are very nervous, they just don’t want people to gather. They are afraid of anything that could happen. Now officials are also worried all day long… No way, they have guns and cannons, troops, and Police. What should we do? We are unarmed. How can we get them? Under Iron Fist politics, the people have no (cannot) objection at all. If you disagree, he will ask you to drink tea or detain you.”

Reuters also mentions Peter Lee, a longtime British expatriate, was out for lunch with his wife and 7-year-old son last week when he was told his apartment block would be locked down.

Lee and his 7-year-old son checked into a hotel room, but it was soon locked because of an infection. His wife was planning to join them but had no choice but to return home to be locked in.

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