While residents cope with the sizzle, Dabai work in comfortable conditions

Authorities are conducting regular nucleic tests in the cities which have registered sporadic Covid outbreaks in different places in China. This method identifies infected people and potential cases early to reduce the risks of transmission toward the “zero-covid” goal set by the government. Therefore, people are required to comply with this policy.

Some videos on the internet show that people have to line up for nucleic acid testing regardless of the weather. Footage shows many people gathering to do a nucleic acid test and a woman getting a sunstroke while waiting for a long time under the scorching sun.

While people have to cope with scorching weather, the government has created a pleasant environment for the medical staff or “Dabai” in many places. For example, in Jiangsu, “Dabai” are comfortable working in an air-conditioned cabin.

Under scorching weather, China uses ice on rail lines

China is experiencing an unusual heat wave this summer, 84 cities across the country issued their highest-level red alert warnings on July 13. According to the National Meteorological Administration, a red alert means temperatures are expected to reach over 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in the coming 24 hours.

At the well-known Shanghai wildlife park, eight metric tons of ice are used daily to keep lions, pandas, and other animals cool. In Yunnan, the workers also used ice to reduce the heat and avoid buckling of railway lines. 

Shanghai: People accuse the authorities of forcing vaccinations on the elderly

On July 14, a family turned to social media to accuse the neighborhood committee of Lane 1320 Linfen Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, of privately going to the door to force a 98-year-old man to be vaccinated, causing a hot discussion among netizens.

According to the accusation, the older man was vaccinated without his consent, he did not sign a commitment letter for vaccination either. The man is in critical condition now, and the hospital has issued a notice. However, the residential committee eludes its responsibility.

According to Dongfang.com, the staff of the neighborhood committee said that the matter was being dealt with. Vaccination is done only after the doctor’s physical assessment and the family’s consent.

For the netizens concerned about the issue of the vaccination commitment letter, the staff said: “Theoretically signed papers should be there, but those signed papers will not be delivered to our side, and finally they are certainly delivered to the doctor.”

People also complained saying that if something happens to the man, who will be responsible? 

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